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Review complex legal & healthcare documents, automate workflows, utilizing advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Processing Language (NPL), & Generative Pre-Trained Transformers (GPT). 

What's holding you back from gaining your unfair competitive advantage?


Solutions Designed by Experts

360 Degree Visibility

Enhance data visibility and eliminate bottlenecks, allowing employee access to time-sensitive, business-critical data

Accurate & Secure

Save time and money by standardizing the extraction process with high-performance security-driven optical character recognition (OCR) conversion solutions

Intelligent Data Flow

Feed precise digital data from your documents into the business processes that are most critical to your organization

Process Optimization

Automation frees your employees from manual data entry, allowing them to focus on other value-added organizational activities

Increased Automation

Eliminate the cost and labor associated with storing and transporting paper documents by implementing an automated electronic capture solution.  Set Demand Journeys utilizing Low-To No Code Process Automation to ensure Customer Success while gaining real-time insights.

Reduce Costs

Eliminate storage costs, improve processing times, and migrate the risks associated with physical documents



360 Intelligent Solutions Inc is a technology company specializing in providing innovative, intelligent technology solutions to insurance, healthcare, and financial service companies. 360 Intelligent Solutions is a leading provider of AI-powered solutions designed to enhance productivity, efficiency, and decision-making across various industries. With a focus on innovation and cutting-edge technology, we are committed to delivering transformative solutions that drive measurable results.


Our founders, former Insurance executives, have pioneered advanced digital solutions that empower insurers and support the lifecycle from binding of a policy through claims processing. Our unparalleled Insurance and Technology expertise enables us to immediately impact clients with valuable solutions. 

360 Intelligent Solutions is founded on the principles of Trust, Experience, Understanding, Knowledge, and Expediency.


Provide advanced digital processing solutions for the Financial Services Vertical.


We offer businesses comprehensive solutions for managing their customer data and business operations.  Store and manage vast amounts of data while analyzing your data to provide insights to help your business make better decisions.  Businesses are able to scale up deployment initiatives, enabling them to handle large amounts of traffic and data; enabling for improvement of productivity, streamlined processes, and better customer experience.



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Edgar Meza

Chief Claims Officer, Fred Loya Insurance

“The ‘360 Demand Review App’ is a real time game changer, we can triage and dissect a demand accurately with unparalleled efficiency.”

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