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Our Story

In 2009, Sturgis Consulting was founded as an insurance management consulting services company by Michael Sturgis, a seasoned expert (recognized veteran) in the insurance sector and entrepreneur. Two years later, in 2011, the company expanded our offerings to include marketing, sales, product management, and product development.


In 2014, the company launched our Salesforce consulting services, aligning with the highly customizable and scalable cloud-based solution. The following year, Sturgis Consulting was rebranded as SCI 360 and established an official consulting partnership with Salesforce.


In 2016, SCI 360 added several new partners to our program, including GetFeedback and Conga, expanding our services and capabilities even further.


The following year, in 2017, SCI 360 reached a significant milestone, completing our 200th project. 


In 2019, the company celebrated our 10th anniversary and reached another milestone with the completion of its 300th project.


In 2020, SCI 360 launched a new product called 360 Demand Review, a touchless claims app which enables companies to extract, analyze, search and manage large datasets in Legal and Healthcare documents, addressing a critical need for the insurance sector.


In 2022, SCI 360 was accredited as a Salesforce ISV Partner and also joined the Partner Program for AWS, further expanding our valuable, strategic partnerships and capabilities.


In 2023, SCI 360 launched a new product called Ask360, an AI-powered analytics tool designed to provide clients with personalized insights and recommendations based on their data. We also formed a new company, 360 Intelligent Solutions, focused on providing innovative, intelligent, technology tools that address the critical and specific needs of the insurance sector’s Claims processing environment. 

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