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360 LegalEze:
Redefining Efficiency for Insurance Defense Counsel

Review documents in seconds... not hours!


Navigating the complex landscape of insurance claims management is a challenge well-acknowledged, particularly for defense counsel. The sheer volume of documents, dynamic regulatory changes, and heightened customer expectations create a perfect storm of challenges. Recognizing this, 360 LegalEze is tailored specifically for insurance defense counsel, aiming to alleviate the pain points inherent in the claims management process.


Streamlined Claims Processing

360 LegalEze acknowledges the often slow and arduous nature of claims processing. By targeting the unique needs of insurance defense counsel, it streamlines the filing and management of insurance claims, reducing processing times and expediting decision-making.

Regulatory Adherence

Staying abreast of ever-evolving regulations is a critical aspect of insurance defense. 360 LegalEze not only keeps pace with regulatory changes but also ensures seamless adherence, mitigating the risk of compliance-related issues and legal challenges.

Efficiency through Predictive Models

Leveraging predictive models, this product goes beyond mere digitization. It anticipates patterns, identifies potential challenges, and proactively improves decision-making efficiency, setting a new standard for insurance defense counsel operations.

Tailored to Insurer Rules

Understanding the importance of insurer-specific rules, 360 LegalEze is highly configurable. This adaptability ensures that defense counsel can align their processes with insurer rules, promoting a harmonious and efficient collaboration between legal professionals and insurers.


Eliminate the cost and labor associated with storing and transporting paper documents by implementing an automated electronic capture solution. 


Set Demand Journeys utilizing Low-To No Code Process Automation to ensure Customer Success while gaining real-time insights.



Financial Services Cloud Integration

Built on the foundation of seamless integration, 360 LegalEze leverages the natural APIs of the Financial Services Cloud. This ensures a direct and smooth integration into existing claims management systems, minimizing disruptions and facilitating a hassle-free implementation process.

AI-Powered Claim Management

The product integrates advanced AI and deep network solutions to digitize and streamline the management of Bodily Injury & PIP Demands. This not only reduces the burden of manual document processing but also enhances the accuracy and consistency of legal operations.

Straight-Through Processing Advancement

360 LegalEze doesn't just digitize; it advances straight-through processing. By applying AI and deep network integrations, the product revolutionizes the approach to Bodily Injury & PIP Demand management, ensuring a more efficient, error-resistant, and proactive legal workflow.


User-Friendly Configuration

Recognizing the diverse needs of defense counsel, 360 LegalEze offers a user-friendly configuration interface. This allows legal professionals to tailor the solution to their specific requirements, ensuring a personalized and efficient legal process.

360 LegalEze is a dedicated solution for insurance defense counsel, offering a transformative approach to claims management. From seamless integration to predictive models and insurer rule configurability, this product is designed to redefine efficiency in the legal landscape. Experience streamlined claims processing, regulatory adherence, and proactive decision-making with 360 LegalEze, setting a new standard for insurance defense counsel operations.

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